Rising Sun Infusible

Ronnie M

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Rising Sun Infusible

Get Infused! Use your favorite Essential Oil blend to infuse this gorgeous bracelet. Made of Sunstone semi-precious stone and Raw Rose Wood to bring leadership, and confidence to the wearer. Sunstone is an abundance stone and also decreases stress and uplifts you.

To infuse, simply take your favorite essential oil and place one to two drops into the palm of your hand, then roll the raw wood beads into the palm of your hand so that the oil makes contact with the wood beads. The infusion should happen immediately, place on your infusible bracelet and enjoy up to 1-2 days after infusion.

Handmade in the USA, custom Ronnie M logo bead in 14k gold and non-tarnish, raw rosewood, beads are all 10 mm in size. Elastic cording is vegan.

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