Mystic Dallas Energy Bracelet Set

Ronnie M

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Mystic Dallas Energy Bracelet Set
Mystic Dallas Energy Bracelet Set

Find Abundance & Positive Feminine Energy with this gorgeous Mystic Dallas set. Natural Semi-Precious crystals and stones are a great way to feel positive energy, flow and in this case, balance as well. 

Properties of the Bracelet Set:

Single Wrap Bracelet-Natural Leather cording, Labradorite Crystal to promote spirituality, spiritual connection & heightened intellect and insight to the Spiritual Realm.

Peach Moonstone-Feminine energy, balance, peace, Abundance & flow.

Pyrite-Luck & wealth, and happiness.

White Moonstone-Feminine balance, hormonal balance, promotes beauty & instinct. 

This set is sold as a set of five bracelets and cannot be broken up. Get layered with inspiration of the Real Housewives of Dallas and get Mystic! 

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